MBA Research


What are you asking me to do?

Register online to be a part of our national MBA Executive Advisory Network (ExecNet) which is a network of business professionals helping guide the development of curriculum for high school and college business programs.  Participants complete online surveys and, at their option, take part in online discussions.

How much time will registration take?

The one-time registration takes approximately 10 minutes.  Each survey averages less than 10 minutes.  We ask that participants try and complete at least one survey each month.

Is this a one time commitment?

The commitment is for as long as you like.  We’ll keep you in the loop and regularly invite you to complete surveys as your time permits.  You may, of course, opt out at anytime if you find that you don’t value the experience.

How long do I serve on ExecNet?

Solely at your discretion.  We hope it will become a career-long habit. Your ten minutes a month is truly a contribution to the futures of many young people.

How are the data used?

Your input is used to develop curriculum standards that guide what is taught in high school and college business programs.  The actual standards and supporting materials are developed by our subject matter experts.  We use your feedback to be certain that we get it right.

Will there be any data feedback?

Yes.  We’ll provide regular feedback on what we’re learning and we’ll invite you to join us in online discussions (optional) as we work through the more challenging issues.

Is the selection of a pathway important?

Yes.  We want our input from the business community to be as closely aligned as possible with the work that each ExecNet member actually does.  We do recognize that it’s sometimes difficult to determine which is the best fit.  If that’s the case for you, we’re happy to help.

What financial commitment is required?

None.  Although we always welcome contributions to the cause, this is not a fund-raising activity.  You will not be actively solicited for donations.  (There is a “donate” button on our website, but it’s completely unrelated to your participation in ExecNet.)

Who is MBA Research?

We are a curriculum research center that specializes in “business” curriculum.  The organization is a not-for-profit association (Consortium) of state education departments.  We were established in 1971 for the purpose of sharing limited state resources to support the teaching of business in high school and two-year colleges. Learn more.

How did ExecNet get started?

ExecNet is a relatively new strategy for helping us be sure that the work we do for school curricula reflects real world work skills.  For many years we used focus groups throughout the nation to listen to the business community.  ExecNet is an extension of those focus groups. By using the Internet, we’re able to listen to greater numbers of local business leaders and we’re able to involve business people from a much wider geographic area.  This approach also makes it easier for individuals to participate by allowing input in small increments of time and at the convenience of the participant.

Do I need teaching experience?

No.  ExecNet is about listening to business people.  Through surveys and online discussions, we want to learn about what you do and what you know that matters to your job.   We use your work experiences to design tools for teachers.

Do I need to have an MBA to participate?

No. The “MBA” in our name is a bit misleading and results from some legacy names to describe high school programs.  ExecNet participants include business leaders with a wide range of educational background (high school diploma through doctorate).

What is the “ask” for the organizations?

Many of our ExecNet members joined the network via a local professional association.  The MBA Research Business Coalition for Education is made up of many different professional associations that have committed to supporting our work.  Each is committed to non-financial sponsorship of the national Business Administration Curriculum Standards and of various assessments and certifications.  We ask each organization to encourage its membership to participate in ExecNet and we work with them to identify other ways for the organization to partner with both us and local education providers. A more detailed explanation of the Coalition is available here.