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Trend #1: Workforce Mixology

Business Trend

In our ongoing conversations with the business community*, we asked them to identify business trends impacting the workplace. The most frequently identified trend: expanding workplace and societal diversity.  

Workplace Implications

Clashes in the workplace and in society are increasing as diversity expands across a variety of factors especially generationally and religiously, as gender/sexuality issues arise, and as expectations of accommodations in policies, benefits, and other operational processes increase. By 2020, there will be five generations of employees in the workplace. These generations have different values, work ethics, and benefit expectations.

Employees need to understand international customers, cultures, and trends to be effective. Leaders have to consider the legal implications associated with accommodations. Human Resources Management is expected to take a lead role in dealing with the talent management changes created by globalization

As baby-boomers retire, there are fewer replacement employees resulting in less experienced, lower cost employees advancing more quickly. These employees have less time to acquire a deep understanding of job responsibilities as they move up the career ladder, so Human Resources Management must be prepared to coach these individuals.

Classroom Implications

All business administration students need an awareness of the global economy. They need to understand how all the key business functions (e.g., marketing, finance, operations, human resources management) are impacted by the world economy. The curriculum needs to emphasize globalization, cultural diversity and intelligence, and international business.


*Finance Executive Advisory Panel, Columbus, OH, May 21, 2013
*Marketing Executive Advisory Panel, Dublin, OH, May 22, 2013
*Management and Administration Executive Panel, Dublin, OH, May 23, 2013

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