MBA Research

Career Preparation

Students can begin Business Administration classes as early as ninth grade and continue throughout high school. These programs enable students to enter the workforce immediately after high school and/or to pursue more advanced know-how in college. Many Business Administration programs partner with colleges to enable students to receive college credit for courses taken in high school.

Students in Business Administration programs receive instruction to prepare for careers in Business Management and Administration, Finance/Financial Services, Marketing, and Hospitality and Tourism. See the topics below to learn more.

Career opportunities are dedicated to performing administrative and managerial processes vital to the success and ongoing existence of a business organization, regardless of the sector or industry in which the business resides or the product/service it provides.

Administrative Services: Career opportunities that facilitate business operations through a variety of administrative and clerical duties including information and communication management, data processing and collection, and project tracking

Business Information Management: Careers that provide a bridge between business processes or initiatives and IT and help to align business and IT goals

Corporate/General Management: Careers that focus on planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating all or part of a business organization through the allocation and use of financial, human, and material resources

Human Resources Management: Careers that focus on the staffing activities that involve planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, performance appraisal, compensation, and safety of employees

Operations Management: Career opportunities that focus on planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the resources needed to produce or provide a business's goods

Individuals in these careers make strategic decisions to report, obtain, save, protect, and/or grow the financial assets of businesses and individuals. 

Accounting: Careers that record, classify, summarize, analyze, and communicate a business's financial information/business transactions for use in management decision-making

Banking Services: Careers that accept deposits, lend funds, and extend credit

Corporate Finance: Careers that manage policy and strategy for (and the implementation of) capital structure, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, financial modeling and planning, funding, dividends, and taxation

Insurance: Careers that protect individuals and businesses from financial losses by delivering "products" that transfer risk from an individual or business to an insurance company

Securities and Investments: Careers that support the flow of funds from investors to companies and institutions

Careers encompass the management, marketing, and operations of lodging establishments; restaurants and other food services; recreation, amusements, and attractions; and travel-related services. (These areas were identified through the efforts of another organization and are open to revision based on your input.)

Lodging: Currently in research.

Recreation, Amusements, and Attractions: Currently in research.

Restaurants and Other Food Services: Currently in research.

Travel-related Services: Currently in research.

These careers create, communicate, and deliver value to customers and manage customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

Marketing Communications: Career opportunities that inform, remind, and/or persuade a target market of ideas, experiences, goods/services, and/or images

Marketing Management: Careers that require broad, cross-functional knowledge of marketing and management to support strategic decision-making

Marketing Research: Careers that utilize qualitative and quantitative research methods to determine information needs, design data-collection processes, collect data, analyze them, and present data so that they can be used to make business decisions

Merchandising: Career opportunities in retailing that focus on efficient and effective product planning, product selection, buying, licensing, and inventory control

Professional Selling: Careers that require in-depth knowledge of the target customer such as the customer's needs, business, competitors, and products; pre-sales activities; sales processes and techniques; and servicing after the sale