MBA Research

Finance/Financial Services

Those of us who majored in business can probably recall the first accounting classes we took: learning about posting debits and credits to various journals. Remember? 

If you planned to major in accounting, that wasn't any big deal. For the business majors who planned to pursue other aspects of business, accounting was often a stumbling block.

Stumbling blocks aside, we believe that accounting is the language of business. All Business Administration students should be able to understand and interpret that language since it ultimately informs all business departments about the success of their efforts and the future of their company. We encourage all Business Administration students to acquire knowledge of financial management concepts as early as possible in their educational experiences. (We'll leave posting of debits and credits to the accountants.)

Students who want to pursue career opportunities in finance/financial services have a variety of options that they could focus on. These options include accounting, banking services, corporate finance, insurance, and securities and investments.