MBA Research

Hospitality and Tourism

The starting point in this program area is about the experience that we offer customers/guests. The business activities revolve around ensuring that they are “wowed” by staff/volunteers and any facilities or products provided.

Unlike consumer products that are mass-produced, hospitality and tourism services are unique and staff dependent. Our focus is on making sure that every customer experience is positive and the best that it can be regardless of which staff member provides the service.

In addition to segment-specific knowledge, hospitality and tourism management students study marketing, finance, and management. They learn the soft skills needed to communicate effectively and to recognize how to best meet the needs of individual customers/guests. Students also learn how to protect customer/guest safety and the environment in which their services are provided.

A goal of these programs is to advance students beyond entry-level hospitality and tourism jobs so that they understand management decision-making. This should better position students to advance in the business/organization.

Students who want to pursue career opportunities in hospitality and tourism management have many options including event management, lodging management, restaurant management, and travel and tourism management. Regardless of what segment students choose, they need to understand business processes that undergird their industry-specific knowledge and skill. We want students to leave our programs with a realistic understanding of business, employer expectations, and desired/required attitudes.